Greek Prime Minister presents government policy statements

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressed Greek Parliament on Monday evening and presented the agenda of the government's policies. He stressed that restoring economic stability and a return to growth, combined with substantial debt relief and public administration reforms are priorities of his administration.

Tsipras stressed that the government's goal was to pave the way for a new economic growth model, one that was progressive and different from that of classic neoliberalism. He said the government's goal was to restore liquidity within the next 20 months, by the first half of 2017, as well as the country's ability to borrow from the markets. He also stressed the need to proceed with the first review of the Greek programme without delay, "even though it contains difficult and in some cases deleterious measures."

All the above, while simultaneously stamping out corruption "are the only safe way to exit the crisis and supervision," Tsipras said.

 Alexis Tsipras underlined that  Greek banks that are recapitalized with Greek state funds will also be managed by the Greek state to some extent.

The Greek Prime Minister  said his government will negotiate with creditors to secure four major points. The first is the adjustment of loans that debtors cannot pay back. The protection of the first home is included in this adjustment. The second goal is the reinstatement of collective bargaining in the labor market along with a higher minimum wage.

The third goal is to maintain the public nature of state-owned utility company Public Power Corporation (DEI) and state-owned electricity operator ADMIE. The government’s final goal in this context is to establish a public asset fund that will utilize Greek public assets in a way that will service the public interest.

Tsipras also pledged to start a debate for a change in the Constitution and the country’s electoral law, so that the next parliament will be revisional. “This may be the most important legacy of this government,” he noted. 

The prime minister also announced he is suspending the increase of VAT in private education (to 23 pct), at least until the voting of the 2016 draft budget, to give enough time to come up with measures that will produce equal revenues. 

Referring to  the refugee crisis, Alexis Tsipras called it one of the biggest challenges in modern history and said that the government’s aim is to create five “hot-spots” on the islands for refugees and migrants, unify Interior ministry structures and review Dublin III. 
TPP - (with information from the Athens-Macedonian news agency)
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